Trans-Q Live! is live

Trans-Q Live! was a queer evening of dazzling performance, dance, stand-up history, stories, resplendent fantasies, music and  more. The sold out show was presented September 7, 2013 at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Hosted by Janet Granite, the extraordinary line-up of artists included:
Scott Andrew/Stephanie Ross, Harrison Apple, Jasmine Hearn/Joseph Hall, Dani Lamorte, Caldwell Linker, Ayanah Moor/Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Silky Shoemaker/Elia Singer

Trans-Q Live! was produced by Suzie Silver in collaboration with Trans-Q Television and The Andy Warhol Museum

Act 1 Performances

Scott Andrew and Stephanie Ross

Joseph Hall and Jasmine Hearn

Dani Lamorte

Act 2 Performances

Janet Granite and Bambi Bulimic in Operation

Harrison Apple in Saw You At The Social Club, HMU

Ayanah Moor and Ginger Brooks Takahashi in Untitled

Silky Shoemaker and Elia Singer in Many Apologies