taylor knight and anna thompson are co-founding artistic directors of slowdanger, a multidisciplinary performance entity based in Pittsburgh PA. They use found material, electronic instrumentation, vocalization, physiological centering, and ontological examination to produce their performance work over the past 5 years. The more they engage in this collaborative work, the more they recognize the manifestation of their work as a non-binary entity that is one body amassed of multiple bodies in space. Within this system, slowdanger works with an engaged and deepened understanding of energy, synergy, action, gender, time and storytelling. slowdanger is an organism that uses performance and collaboration as ritual practice to delve into circular life patterning such as effort, transformation, and death. Each work seeks a deeper understanding through the practice of making. This ever evolving process is akin to the construction zone where inspiration was drawn for the name, slowdanger. Breaking ground to build upon the demolished surface using old structures to a innovate a new concept or construction. From directing music videos to scoring a play, slowdanger transforms its shape to adapt to a variety of different containers. slowdanger produces performances, immersive experiences, and open-level workshops/educational initiatives. anna/taylor develop soundscores for theater, dance, film and virtual reality projects as well as act as interdisciplinary movement consultants for actors, musicians, and architects. slowdanger’s performance work has been featured across North America in venues ranging from proscenium theater settings and galleries to nightclubs and dive bars. They aim to bring disparate points, people and disciplines together to interface and innovate with each other. Anna/Taylor have created with Sidra Bell, Bill Shannon, MICHIYAYA Dance, Gia Cacalano, Anna Henson, Jasmine Hearn, Maree Remalia|merrygogo, Beth Corning, Mark C. Thompson, The Pillow Project|Pearlann Porter, Jil Stifel, Shantelle Courvoisier Jackson (s+vois) and more.