Gia Cacalano

Over the past 14 years Gia Cacalano’s solo and ensemble work has reflected her interest and obsession to understand improvisation. She works to gain this knowledge through researching improvisation methodologies, looking at instant composition, choreography, and a stripped down approach to collaboration, and relationships between live music and dance. By stripping down, she is referring to the essential and basic elements of choreography and composition, such as generating movement material, placing material in space, timing and dynamics. The things most choreographers use when making dances, she uses in real time rather than spending months preparing and fixing steps. The dancer, in this way of working, spends hours in the studio everyday tuning the mind and body to be able to choreograph at high speed, in the now moment. Whereas she is interested in showing these tools in action, at the moment of creation, in order to magnify real time in performance. She is interested in intuition in action, and most importantly, the direct interaction of the performer and the public, through the vehicle of improvised performance, in a state of being vulnerable and in the moment of choice.