5 Fast Facts about Trans-Q Television

Trans-Q Television is a new video adventure, so there is a lot you may not know about us. Here are a few quick facts about this queer, quirky webseries. Use them to impress friends, improve test scores, and win rounds of Trivial Pursuit.

1. Trans-Q Television began as a class at Carnegie Mellon University, in the School of Fine Art. Longing for a return to the golden age of variety shows, CMU professor Suzie Silver created the Trans-Q Television class as a way of introducing students to the history of the genre, developing their video production and editing skills, and engaging young artists with a global community of queer and trans* performers.

2. Even though it started as a college course, Trans-Q TV has rapidly expanded beyond the classroom. To date we’ve collaborated with performers and artists (like Narcissister and Veruca la’Piranha) and organizations (like the VIA Music & New Media Festival and the Andy Warhol Museum) both in Pittsburgh and beyond.

3. We’re always looking for new collaborators and guests! We welcome video submissions, event invitations, and content suggestions with a distinctly queer and/or trans* flavor. Have a pitch for us? Send it our way: trans.q.television@gmail.com

4. We’re free spirits – but video isn’t always free. Trans-Q’s production costs are defrayed by kind support from the Center for the Arts in Society at CMU.

5. You don’t have to wait for the next episode to find out what we’re up to! Like our page on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, to find out more about upcoming Trans-Q events and video shoots.

Keep reading the Trans-Q blog to learn more about who we are, what we do, and what you’ll see from us in the future!